Communities of Practice

Purpose: The establishment of inter-professional Communities of Practice (CoP) is to address the needs of LGBT, homeless, and migrant worker populations and translate research findings into primary care training and practice guidelines.

Participants: CoPs include interdisciplinary teams of physicians, patients, mental health providers, social workers, case managers, administrators, and other professionals who will work together to identify, evaluate, and assist with the translation of evidence-based best practices into the training of primary care providers and improvements in primary care outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Membership: The CoP will be open to academic, clinical, public health, community partners and faith organizations, and members of the populations that we have identified as patients who agree to participate in a CoP.

Goals: Participants will discuss a range of topics, such as strategies that are needed to improve health outcomes for the vulnerable populations, access to health care services, and the need to expand the community outreach process.