Tool Kit

Monthly Newsletters
The newsletters highlight the research and findings, as well as evidence-based studies that will direct medical education and professional training in family and community medicine. The intent of the newsletter is to: Link with other national partners to highlight systems level research of evidence- based interventions for vulnerable populations that will inform primary care training. Disseminate best practices and resources to primary care providers and trainees to improve clinical outcomes among vulnerable populations.

One way our communities of practice stay connect and discuss information in real time is through conducting quarterly webinars which focus on an array of topics surrounding transforming medical education to produce better health outcomes for LGBTq, homeless and migrant worker populations.

A list of presentations done by our team and our CoP members.

Media coverage that highlights the center.

Policy Briefs
Policy briefs created by our research team to initiate policy change to impact medical school curriculum

Information that can be used to aid in the transformation of primary care training and  enhance models of care for vulnerable populations.